Based on 70’s Broxton/Duckington area in S.W. Cheshire, England.

Plenty of sell points & fields and a choice of farms, suitable for small to medium farming.

Or take out trees and REMOVABLE hedges to farm on a larger scale!

Five extra crop types – Oat, Rye, Spelt, Triticale, Millet.

Watch out for stray sheep and take care at the cattle crossing.

Compatible with Chopped Straw Mod by Webalizer and Seasons Mod by RealismusModding (these mods are recommended but the map also runs error-free without them).

Changelog ver

Fixed floating objects (car, bushes and barbed wire in Duckington area)
Fixed pig mud texture placement
Added trees on Bickerton Hill and other areas
Fixed textures in entrance of field 34
Fixed water plane in pond above Bank farm
Added removable hedges & trees in Tilston road, Bickerton road, & Hampton area
Added more hedges, fences & trees in various locations
Altered Bank farm to provide more hardstanding for placeables
Improved snowmask for Seasons mod
Added ice surfaces, varying water planes & mud planes for Seasons mod – free water not available when frozen & some ditches dry up in Summer



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