This is a fresh build using the snake starter map as empty map. The reason for rebuilding the map is that I couldn’t fix the problems remaining on the map permanetly, intermitent problems are the hardest to solve. So I have rebuild the map part by part until those problem reappeared, and they did; but this time I caught them, since then it worked flawlessly including the farm silo and I tested it countless times.
The map has 14 fields this time, carrot and onion were removed so the map does not require additional header to operate.
For the animals, water and gazing mod were installed,
Water mod is installed and ready to start near each animal water inlet, rain water option was activated so it will fill them with rain water at all time.
Gazing mod will feed cow, cow2, sheep and sheep2 with grass as long as there are animals in the pasture and that grass is available. Seasons mod will delay the grass growth at first so you have to wait longer before it starts. I modified the gazing script to accomodate the animals 2 also and to my surprise, after many years without doing any script it worked just fine.
Water is free on the map, This one is seasons mod ready.
++ This is a first release so you might encounter small problem, please leave a note that explains the problem so I can fix it.
The log has no errors.



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