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Case IH Magnum CVX Pack V 1.3

case-ih-magnum-cvx-pack (1)

case-ih-magnum-cvx-pack (2)


version 1.3
Here I have listed you the version 1.3 to the famous Case IH Magnum Pack. The changes are as follows: 1. Fixed texture error indicator, turn signals and hazard lights work 2. So now all models have the same wheels of the standard tires 3. the front fenders now have 4 wheel width, the tractor drawbar on a wide track 5 can now all kinds are coupled from trailers without additional purchasable devices.

Giants, KDH-Agrostar


One thought on “Case IH Magnum CVX Pack V 1.3

  • Brandon

    Hey guys, I have a sweet request. It’s for a conveyor system that pairs a combine to a baler. YouTube “bale direct system” to see it in action. I would love to run one in real life as well as this game!


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