CASE IH Quadtrac 1000 V 1.1 The Red Baron

case-ih-quadtrac-1000-the-red-baron (1)

case-ih-quadtrac-1000-the-red-baron (2)


The changes to the original are visible quickly as I set the type designation of 1000 he had simply look a bit flashy than the 620. In my model I am speaking players who seek a tug of more power than the LS15 standard vehicles, how did the Björnholm Map somewhat expanded and the fields in the map a bit steeper designed as the Quadtrac 620 is very compelled to be the limit, but is playable with all appliances, by this also the Quadtrac 1000 has been launched to the gameplay yet slightly increase. For the Red Baron the technical data on the purchase at the dealer are in a beautiful detailed description.

Giants, KHD-Agrostar


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10 Responses

  1. Falca Ionut says:

    A password please…

  2. Rola says:

    WTF? password?

  3. TraktorTom says:

    not working

  4. uglen says:

    eehmm whats the password please

  5. Matty says:

    installed in mod folder but doesnt show up in game

  6. run2623 says:

    come on wtf?? whats the password??

  7. farmer says:

    without the password it’s impossible for the game to open the mod. Looks like a good one but unfortunately what looks like an authors attempt to protect it from being edited doesn’t allow it to work

  8. Jonas says:

    Hope that was a mistake. But can you please give us the password?

  9. Rico says:

    The zip is password protected you dum****

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