CASE OPTUM 300 CVX V 1.4.1



This rebuilt is the ‘farewell present’ to FS 15. In Farm Sim 17 we will continue with a new completely new model and new ideas.

90% of the model has been rebuilt. For the interior of the cabin and the chassis some parts of my Puma 240 have been used.

For this beta release the features have been streamlined to a bare minimum:

IC for door, sunshades, sunroof, rear window, steering column, armrest
as well as fold front linkage, hide/show fender, warning signs, open/close bonnet, wheel weights, pin hitch adjustment

license plate script has been left in place.
for MP sessions there is now also the passenger script.

Version 1.4.1
diverse Fixes

model. Timber131 sounds: Ludmilla axle: En ÈebuljÈek tire texture: Giants, edit by mailman description, texts: FarmerBeavis


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