Case Puma Soundupdate by ScorpZ v1.0.1 FS19

I have set myself again and have the Case a little something changed.

Version: 1.0.1
Was changed:
Tire pressure.
Cabin light (can be changed, PN to me).
Color choice (normal, mettalic).
Tire weights are displayed correctly (thanks to ApolloSmaug).
Cabin glass darkened.
more comes via updates.
Once again a big thank you to Ludmillapower and PeterAH for the release and help.
Leave a Like at Ludmillapower on Youtube for the great sounds the support is not a murder.:thumbs:
As always, who wants to have him should download him who not then just not.
PN to me if wishes or mistakes.

Giants Software GmbHUmbauten: ScorpZSounddateien: LudmillaPowerSoundxml: PeterAH

DOWNLOAD – 4707388

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