It is a modified Case IH 9230 from LS 15th
Also included is a converted 12m cutting – the original New Holland umgeskinnt with Particelsystem edited and the original TAM Iguana Header Trailer with Attacher.
The main differences of the 9230 Original:

Passenger (JoXXer – edit by @ lex2009)
advancedThreasher (Knagsted – bylex Edit)
CIH9230 (Knagsted – bylex Edit)
Digital display (Knagsted)

Recording (lower manual / raise the mower deck)
The ads have been completely integrated into the existing terminal of the thresher.
The legal officers among you – yes I have obtained permission fromlex! Want me here also same again thank him for the release he has given way, immediately ask without much! Thank You Very Much!
Regarding the script recording me unfortunately the scripter is unknown. If someone here will find his work, then please a message, so I can add it here – honor to whom honor !!!
Unfortunately I currently for professional and private reasons, not much time, so I have a description of times the description of Frabel for 5130 settled. The functions are indeed the same.


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