CAT Fleet 15 A Mods V 1.0




Cat Kenworth 100 series: All wheel drive – New lights (Improved Bel3 script) – New windows – Tilting Cab and Blender work to interior and body.

Cat SRB35 Trailers A and B Logos – Capacity = 50,000 L – FS15 Grain plan – All default and feed fruit types – New lights – Blender work.

Cat Bulk Liquids Transportation (BLT) – Improved scripts and animations – Fruit type = Water and Slurry, Biofuel will follow in the next release. – Blender work.

Cat Flatbed – UBT updated script for automatic bale collection and wool.

Cat 980H Wheel loader – Capacity = 25,000 L – FS15 Shovel grain planes – All default and feed fruit types – New windows – New Lights.

Giants Software
Sven777B – Bel3 script
Oxtar – Original K100 and Tanker models


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4 Responses

  1. furkan says:

    Unable to run the game mode error damaged archives

  2. longjohn says:

    great mod! if nothing else, the automatic bale loading for the wool pallets saves me a.lot of time! Cat dozer real good too!

  3. farmer john says:

    Hi, if the maker of this mod could make the bale-trailer accept sapling pallets as well, i think alot of players would be happy. Just think abaot it, Dimanix three tree plant-connector beeing able to recieve pallets from trailer-supply.

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