Category: Tractors


URSUS C385A V1.0.0.0

Description: The modification has: Moving axis Several configurations Farmer animation movable wajchy pedals etc. opened roof for the key Animation of exhaust pipe vibration and fenders modification sometimes does not work with modem “Real...


MTZ-80X V1.0.0.0

Description: – Power: 59 kW / 80 HP; – Speed: 36 km/h; – Fuel tank capacity: 120 l.; – Price: 15 500 €; – Primary color selection; – Wheel selection; – Working lighting; –...


FENDT F 380GTA V1.0.0.4

Description: V1.0.0.4 Fuelgauge repaired major inspection (now larger wearable Interval) speedometer light corrected Bugfixes Fendt 380GTA 80HP Fendt 380GTA Turbo 95HP Fendt 380GTA TurboChip 105HP Gearbox MOD support Credits: schlüterfan1977,RivalBomb,SFM (LS17) DOWNLOAD