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ZIL 130 AMUR V1.0

Description: Body capacity of 6000, and if you press the “L” established 15,000 liters. animated driver sitting in the cab of the truck. Credits: Admin DOWNLOAD – 37.7 MB


MAN 630 LS

Description: Now I want to introduce you to MAN 630 LS available. He can load only pallets and they can be arritiert. I babsichtige him nor for other fruits, which are then bagged equip....


MAZ 630308 И 83781 [1.0]

Description: Physics is a good, clean log. Truck with trailer really dirty. Transports default cults fs15. Everything is animated, light engineering works. Credits: VovKa_WinSK DOWNLOAD – 26.8 MB


КАМАЗ 43255 [1.0]

Description: Log clean, dirty truck. Physics configured transports default culture fs15. In the course of ostayalet traces of dust and exhibits. Mirrors, lighting, dashboard workers. The cab driver is animated. You can choose the...