Cereals GmbH Map V 1.1

getreide-gmbh-map-community-edition (1)


Adapted roadside textures Fixed a bug in the drinking water of the mods down box set purchase symbols, vehicles, resetting works now.

Grain silos, Düngersilo, Röchling Fertilizer: RC-Devil on Marhu.net
compost fertilizer + 4 Mod incl Trade & Silo V 1.2. RC-Devil on Marhu.net
GülleMiskKalk Mod: Marhu on Marhu.net
shelters and halls: Technology and boertje96
food storage : 1984Fendt936
BGA: Steinklopfer on Marhu.net
Silos bunkers: vertigo14
beet Schneider: Funky on Marhu.net
church in village 1 and 2:’d like farm
village building village 1 and 2: luculus
manure manure Purchase: zatoxx
manure storage: Andy1978
Garden Center: Rene248
Compost Master: Farmer_Andy on Marhu.net
Fountain: Hardstyler on Marhu.net
Factory: t0xic0m
silage silos: t0xic0m
Dekalb SeedCompany: Jerrico


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