Claas Axion 850 V2.5


* Washable (new dirt skin)
* Indoor sound
* Corrected camera
– Ploughing Spec
– Gloss texture
– New skin + reflective
– New sounds
– RPM, Speed and Fuel Tank indicator
– Animated steering
– Animated fenders
– Highlighted the dashboard
– Hands animation
– Animated Hydraulic
– Full lighting
– Dynamic Exhausting System
– Wheel Particle
– Log is clean



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2 Responses

  1. Yasin says:

    whats the map name ?

  2. Herby says:

    The best version of a Claas Axion 850 to date!

    Wheels and rims are great, only need to address rims on axle side all need finishing off.

    Body work is very detailed and accurate, maybe a gloss effect to take away the matt finish.

    Keypad 4 and 6 lights not responding only F works and that give two lights below each wing mirror and on an implement.

    Dirt appears on tyres more slowly in comparison to an implement i.e. a cultivator. Body work receives a dry dusty dirt effect. Would prefer the bodywork to receive the same dirt effect as the tyres.

    Missing ExtraWights in 110n_en.xml

    Works very well, sounds great not too loud unlike the Fendt 828 Vario, performs accurately when cultivating using Autotractor.

    I look forward to the next version, in the time being, I’ll hold onto this beast.

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