Dear LS friends,
the “Claas C960 Deutz Folding Cutter 7545RTS” is a cutting unit pack for medium to large companies.
Note : it fits the Claas Dominator 118 SL of SiiD, Rival and Bluepanther from the modhub of Giants, the Claas Dominator 88s also from the modhub of Giants. In addition, the cutting unit can be coupled to various Claas Mega 208 and Claas Lexion 700 , as well as to the Giants standard threshers. The Deutzschneidwerk has also got a connection for the John Deere T660I / T670I. For this I have created different shop categories . The Deutzdrescher (link below) is coupled via the Giantsanschluss . Furthermore, there is a small time delay when folding up and down, caused by the animated mounting of the PTO on the thresher. To unify the PTO animation I have attached a bracket (rustic but functional). A visually better mount is provided for a possible later version. Rapeseed knives are vebaut. The C960 cutting deck has the texture of the C540 cutterbar adapted by PeterAH. The Deutz 7545 is based on the original LS-13 texture. Unfortunately, I am unable to produce an LS-17 texture.
Many thanks to usxi7sd and Rival for the release that I was allowed to convert these reapers.

Technical specifications:
> Working width 9.60 m
> Working speed 10 kmh
> Purchase price 22610 Euro
> Maintenance costs 76 euros daily
> Crops Standard crop cutter

The log is error free. If you still encounter errors, please report in the comments so that I can fix them in a possible version 1.0. I am sure that there is something to improve.

Link to Deutz-Fahr HTS 6095 :

Link to the Lexion 700:

Link to the John Deere T660I / T670I:

> RivalBomb
> T0bi69
> PeterAH
> fructor
> usxi7sd
> Olden farm

> s-davis

Modell: T0bi69/ Giants / usxi7sd Textur: Rival/ T0bi69/ Giants / usxi7sd / PeterAH Script: Oldenfarm/PeterAH/ Rival/ T0bi69/ Giants / fruktor Idee / Konzept: Tester: PeterAH/ s-davis


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