The package consists of 4 mods: Lexion 700 SMAL (10000 liters, Lexion 740/750), Lexion 700 MIDDLE (11000 liters, Lexion 750/760), Lexion 700 BIG (12800 liters, Lexion 770/780), Lexion 700 VERY BIG 13500 liters, Lexion 770/780), Reapers Vario 750, 900, 1050, 1230.

Features: All standard functions. Completely redesigned. Description in the store and photos on standard Nevou cars. Radial distributor with mechanical drive with rotary coupling for distribution. New inscriptions with high resolution. Fixed many new and recycled parts, as well as texture defects. The Lexion 740-780 Lexion 740-760 can be selected with a distributor or radial distributor. At purchase, screws of 6 sizes from L to 7XL can be chosen. In the Lexion 770/780 shop, auxiliary lights are selected in the salon on the left and right. Control IC (wipers, cabin lighting, engine covers, door). Illuminated monitors. Indication of speed and time. The pendulum axis. Selectable wheel or TERRA TRAC version 30 km / h (Lexion 750 and 760 as well as 40 km / h version of TT!). Light indicators are installed. Cabin lighting, switchable IC Lighting corn tank. The coil is adjusted with the mouse. Various animated parts (knives, rotors). Washable, animating the farmer’s hands, dust flies out from under the wheels and leaves marks on the road. Clean log. Added new workcam

Model: Vasilisvasilis31, LexikCZ, DZ Modding CZ, Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design Texture: LexikCZ – Czech Modding LS, Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design Script: LexikCZ – Czech Modding LS, Ls Jira Cz Idee: Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design Testing: Bjohn14, MaXxim 3d Design, Agrargenossenschaft Grabfeld, Kestis


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