CLAAS XERION 4500/5000 ( 2009-2013 )

– This Xerion was created on my Xerion 3 generation.
– Each item passed through my studio modeling. So it should not be a problem.
– Maybe not everyone likes it because it is not so nice, but there are no mistakes

Changes and novelty:

* Hood had to be exactly split
* Remember that the floor is a different one
* Hood and floors in addition to the right model got new textures with specular
* New steering wheel for this model
* At the end, it added a new rear suspension
* Attached to open the door from the outside
* Fixed errors in the Xerion V4 LOG
* Maintains 3 colors (black, white, red) and the rest of the rich equipment of Xerion V4 (Many buttons IC)
Technical specifications
* Older major Xerion 4500 and 5000 were generated in the period 2009-2013
* Used 6-cylinder Caterpillar C13 engines with power 449 hp and 487 hp
* In the game we have engine on the chip for Xerion 5000 with 560 hp
* TRAC VC – With the Trac VC, the cab is also centered on the frame but can be turned through 180

Mr Fox, DerFreddy_7, CMT, Marthu, Avirum3D, Timber131, TT-Modding, ExtremeBB


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