This version of BulletBill83’s Coldborough Park Farm is a heavily modded edition of what was already an excellent map. The Ultimate Edition has taken over a year to get to this stage, and builds on Bill’s superb foundations.

So what’s new?

There is a lot to discover in this modded version, and I’m sure you’ll have fun in doing so. Loading manure from the dairy farm manure heap into a spreader has never been so much fun, now that the map contains the excellent Terrain and Dirt control mod! Try it, you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

The modded version doesn’t expand the size of the original map, nor does it add any new activities – the purpose of the work done on this map was to add a lot more detail and increase the visual fidelity of it. Rather than write screeds of text, here is a quick run down of the main things added to the map (this is not an exhaustive list).

– Added Terrain and Dirt Control
– Added Soil Management (not required to play, but highly recommended)
– Added a new slurry pit
– Overhauled the Coldborough Wood forest area (many more trees and undergrowth)
– Created many new and interesting dirt roads (all with terrain and dirt control; you will need to be careful not to get stuck on these, just as in real life!)
– Expanded the sheep field
– Adjusted cow pasture size
– Given sheep and cow fields a more realistic looking terrain
– Added more trees, walls, weeds, undergrowth around entire map
– Added a workshop area to the garage in Coldborough farm (you can even drive a combine up on to it!)
– Many new animated gates added
– New loading ramp near the cow manure area (did I mention how much fun it is to load manure here?!)
– Changed many of the map textures
– A vast amount of clutter added to entire map
– Revamped the potato and sugar beet storage area
– Vastly increased all view distances for all foliage layers
– Expanded and adjusted the WynnStay Stores area to include individual herbicide and fertiliser tanks for use with Soil Management
– …and many, many more!

As you can see, many new things have been added to try and give the map an even more realistic look and feel.

To bring all this together, you will need the following mods in your mod folder. Also, it’s best to start with a fresh mod folder adding only the mods listed below and the recommended one’s too. I have not tested this map with any other mods other than those listed so cannot be certain if any others will cause conflicts. Please heed this advice before you assume the map is broken.

Original map: BulletBill83 Ultimate Edition Paranoid-Android Map Scripts: Marhu (Watermod, Pig & Beef, Lime/Manure/Slurry) Petorious (MultiAngleTerrain and hire mode revert) webalizer (Chopped Straw) Xentro (AnimationMapTrigger / Manual Opening Gates) Decker_MMIV (Soil Management & Growth Control) Igor29381, S.W.I.K. Modding team, Decker_MMIV (Terrain & Dirt Control) Map Objects: Giants NI Modding SEAN6920S Chris 7710 Petorious Sandgroper Lord Williams leicestershireFarmer Nick98.1 Faitan FMC Modding m4pj3cts Farmer Andy RC-devil G-Modding Itisntworking Srsmds Tater salad Jepsen Mappers Paradise Map Sounds: Neurotek Help and advice: BulletBill83 Marxtai


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