So I got bored and made a fun new thing for farm Sim… Construction…
Remember Lincoln Logs? Build something great, maybe like a bridge. I am adding a ton of things we can build with. But this is first run… getting the bugs out…
So far,
I-beams are ready for DL.
Pine Beam Ready for DL
Ramp is ready for DL, But is temperamental, VERY buggy, I think I set the attachers to high… will update soon… Attach it last…
Pillar is ready to have testers..
Try your madness out!
Let me know if you have any Ideas!
I recommend watching my videos using it so you understand how it works…
I don’t really understand either, but it is fun.. ..
If you build something great Send me a video link or screenshot and I have a special gift for the best one [email protected]

Don’t attach to top of I BEAM or PINE beam with wheel loader, its meant for the crane(when its done). If you do… you turn into a pogo stick.
Make sure when you attach you are flush with the other objects.
Where you see a green attacher, you may link to I Beams,etc together or grab with wheel loader at yellow/red + placards, The orientation of the words on the placard dictates the orientation of the wheel loader’s attacher.
Not all attachers are marked, it would be a pokey dot beam if they were
4x ends, 6x bottom, 6x top, 6x sides of LARGE beams
DON’T ATTACH UPSIDE DOWN>>> POGO STICK— If the words are upside down you’re doing it wrong…
I a not sure what will attach and what won’t. Seems like a combination of attaching. the most I had was 32… I got bored.. SO let me know the limits of these little guys!
If something doesn’t attach , unattach last object and then try new object. Most times the attacher just needed reset.
These objects are just for fun… and bridge building… Let the best bridge WIN!
You need a 40ft trailer to haul these…. but they attach
This is a work in progress, if you can add in any way please do!
The ramps don’t recognize the wheeloaders collisions, so you cant drive up with the wheel loader, but all other vehicles can go up the ramp.



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