Hello this is my first mod sogesagt directly from the front clean yes I have permission to upload this for the ls 15th
So now the sign can you what is on the sign easily change: asy the texture open E with paint and create a text field and write off like your company to be called. Then just save and you’re done.

I recommend to install on a vehicle / trailer etc.
Video which I add under Videos.
yes it is an older video, but it works in the 15s as is.

That’s basically it, I thank ,, Fendt fan 201 2 “for allowing this also again hochzuladen.Alle for Ls 15 rights are with him upload to other sites are only with permission allowed.
Have fun wishes you best and Massey Ferguson 6480 Fendt fan 2012

Massey Ferguson 6480 best

DOWNLOAD lu_Schild.rar – 111 KB

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