My Little Country Map V 1.2 Sägewerk / Mast 4.0 / Viehmarkt 1.0 @Marhu

my-little-country-2015 (1)

my-little-country-2015 (2)

my-little-country-2015 (3)


V1.2 new features / changes pig 4.0Marhu Digital Single ads BMHKW incorporated revised and now filled with shovel BGA ALL silos exchanged (ModMap-Patch1.3) BGA may take more fruits wzb. Loose straw or bales BGA Siloplanen changed (green and with tires) straw trigger now in the center aisle of the barn cowshed Tortrigger changed (reduced) does not open as early when a vehicle approaches Original MapSiloband away (Turnip potato) MapSiloband for manure inserted (Cows- pig) hot air balloon flies over the country now verbarauch changed Creates beet Schneider entire ground Revision: bumps in forest and field paths texture of shelters exchanged flickering Fester from old memory eliminates textures of trees replaced the fields you need only be pre-plowing. Fruits signs revised village lamps made slightly smaller streets (cracks were so good it was closed) PDA was adjusted



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