COURSEPLAY V6.01.00197

Mod CoursePlay version 6.01.00197 for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.3.x)
Mod to automate many of the actions on your farm in Farming Simulator 2019. The course will save a lot of time during development. You can easily program almost any technique to automatically perform various tasks without your participation.

How Courseplay works for Farming Simulator 2019
For example, you need to plow a field, but you don’t want to do it yourself. We connect the latest version of the Courseplay modification and begin the automation process. It is necessary to choose a tractor with a plow, assign a non-plowed field and give the task to the machine through a special menu. After that, the tractor will begin the process of plowing, and you can leave it and go about your business. Technique will finish everything without you and your hired workers. Thus, you can set tasks for all the technology and just watch the process.

Also programming can be any other action. For example, transportation of goods, export of milk, harvesting and so on.

How to set up a correct course for Farming Simulator 2019
– We connect the modification and go into the game
– Press the key combination on the keyboard Ctrl + Delete and see the new menu in Russian, which will allow to give tasks to the technician
– To build a route, you need to drive through it at least once, so that the script remembers the road
– For plowing, sowing or harvesting the field you need to travel from one edge of the field to the other and back, and then the script will do everything by itself
– When you first connect the Courseplay mod, all available fields will receive sequence numbers so that the player can navigate when setting tasks.

Version 6.01.00197 for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.3.x):

Current working version



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