and gentlemen, this is your first opportunity to grow real genetically modified maize inside FS15, and furthermore you can process your harvested hemp. At the beginning you have only 1 car, but more money to start with, so you can buy your own starting vehicles.

There are some minor bugs left (pda-minimap) but that doesn’t influence the working of the game. Use the traffic signs instead for precise navigation.

Read the manual (with included installation guide) FIRST to understand the new plants, otherwise you won’t handle it. All necessary files are included.

features: flashing radio towers, airport, train, dogs, wolves, genetically damaged flowers, traffic signs, slurry dump, extra soundeffects
extra fruits: klee, luzerne, sunflower, hemp, genetically modified maize
extra products: weed bales, camouflaged pizza
required mods: multioverlay

danutz,luculus,s4t4n,juul,sebaj,dorset,zorlac,modall,see the credits file for more.

DOWNLOAD CreepyPlantsMapX_UNPACK.rar – 938.1 MB

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