new corrections V 3.01
– correction trigger press for cherries
– correction on loading cranes for wood

V3.0 corrections
– decrease in the “size” of the map (going from 1.28G to 823 MB)
– corrections of fabriks that did not take certain resources
– removal of collisions of all stop signs
– correction of the Shell station which took only the original vehicles
– readjustment of the slaughterhouse triggers (purchase and sale behind the slaughterhouse and sale of the fertilizer animals)
– add triggers to deliver your own animals to farms
– set up signs explanation to all manufactk (this meter on the site and make F1)
– setting up markers at fabrik to deposit resources
– Sales adjustments and correction of some products that do not sell
– fields 13 moving trees
– fields 5 replacement textures that go on the road
– replacement of certain collisions
– replacement of some decorative objects and repositioning of buildings.
– adjustment of the fabrik productions (3000 per hour on average)
– Triggers greenhouse correct and relocate
– Triggers station services correct and relocate
– fields 69-2-3- 52-36-26 texture correct and softened bump
– texture herbs reviews and correct (less aggressive)
– refurbishment of liquid fertilizers on farms and garden centers
– installation of a sale for the train (for the harvests)
– various animations replaced
– replacement of various trees and objects
– modification of shelves for cutting bars
– problem of harvesting the lavender correct (made the game crash)
– improvement of certain textures
– correction of some drops of FPS

the map is provided with FS17_RM_Seasons for its proper operation so if you have already thought to remove it to replace it by the FS17_RM_Seasons_Culture_et_Production which is founie with the link of the pack thank you.

the NH9060L_converted_dufffr_Culture_et_Production is not compatible with this mod: FS17_ForRealModule02_TireDirt please remove it from your mods folder
if you want to use the NH9060L for your harvest.

For grapes and hops you can not plant it. you harvest it after having fertilized it before the last shoot, and then repel it alone.

mod pack Culture_et_Production_V3:



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