Pak Custom Road Train Pack v 1.0 RUS for Farming Simulator 2017
Pty Ltd. trains Create custom trailers for all of your transportation requirements. The use of low-poly models means less FPS fall, but at the same time provides the required quality of the texture.
Mod Pack 1.0 Includes the following:
(Trucks) Tri-axle 1380 – This is the best choice if you want to pull long heavy road trains. With full animated interior, including Break Air PSI, Cruise Active Light, Active Beacon Light and animated Gear Stick and MP Passenger Script. Available with the following parameters (Engine up to 1380hp, chrome parts, standard or off-road wheels) Twinstar DUO – this fine little workhorse is an ideal choice for lighter smaller B-Doubles and smaller road-trains. With a full animated interior, including the work of Break Air PSI, animated Gear Stick and MP Passenger Script. Available with the following parameters (engine up to 760 hp, chrome parts, standard or off-road wheels, fully open or closed frame chassis).
(Trailers A and B) Transportation of animals. These trailers are equipped with two-level transport with the ability to move 32 sheep, 27 pigs and 20 cows in the A-trailer and 42 sheep, 38 pigs and 26 cows in the B-trailer. They will also transport the chickens in a future update. These smart trailers automatically open the roof, side windows and run all the cooling fans when there are animals in the trailers. They will also display the rear transport signs, an image of the current type of animals that are transported.
Tablet transport. The name says it all. These trailers are available in two forms: standard and universal automatic loading. Both are equipped with transport belts and can be equipped with standard metal or chrome parts. UAL loading, capacity: 21 square bales, 24 round bale, 10 pallets, 8 pallets with boards on the A trailer and 30 squares, 36 laps, 16 pallets, 8 pallets with boards on the B trailer. Log transport – available in standard form or with autoload. Both devices are equipped with transport belts, and B-Trailer can install a rear stopper to stop the sliding of logs. A-trailer UAL loading can automatically load logs from 2 to 8 meters, and a B-trailer can load logs from 2 to 12 meters in length.
Transport of liquids – these multi-purpose tanks are available in two different designs (one color and two tones of white and color). They can also be optional without stickers like fill, if you want. Thanks to the transport warning sign, depending on the type of filling and digital displays of volume on both sides of the tanker. Fully animated ladders and tank lid (Allows you to fill in from the top if required). These tanks are also capable of overloading each other and other vehicles. All variants are supplied with the scenario of animated overloads. Transportation of loose – The final part in this release version, dump trucks. With the ability to download all products for crop production, cereals, vegetable and other bulk products. With a wide variety of plates and universal cargo transport stickers. Options include a black or colored animated sliding roof, visible or hidden color, additional shaped inscriptions, multiple rollover modes, rich transport designation, animated rollover control and digital fill display.
The main characteristics of the A-trailer: 40000 liters. Standard or off-road tires. Road signs (Add or remove to the foot). Unique license plates and lights. Optional lower rear hitch.
General characteristics B-trailer: 60000 liters. Standard and off-road tires. Road signs (Add or remove to the foot). Unique license plates and lights. Lower rear hitch.
The trolley is a standard two-axle standard with a movable semi-trailer. Optional standard and off-road tires, and with the choice of road signs. This is an excellent choice for those who want to run a train with all B-trailers or be able to move another trailer. Clean log.

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