Welcome to nearly real world of Czech farmer. Our country and our villages have overcome a lot: war, Beneš´s decreets, floods, collectivization etc. After the Velvet revolution (1989) many farms were deserted and neglected. Now you became your ancestor´s farm back and it´s up to you to start it from the very begining again to show, that czech farmer is still here and knows his job! Start building your agroempire AT THIS MOMENT.

As source of some components for this map were used these pages:;; ; ; . I thank them for involuntary cooperation. Testers, Venca, who helped with setting textures and CSMC, who fixed some bugs, have offered their cooperation voluntarily. Thank you guys.

There are 28 fields on your farm ready to use. Those, who prefer livestock, can take care of herds of cows and sheep and flocks of chicken. If some extra extension needed, there is a space designed for „placeable objects“. You can alsou enjoy forestry. There is a place for trees to be bet, grown and cutted down. Cutter can be placed wherever needed. The most of integrated buildings has door, that could be opened. Everybody can find here something to enjoy.

I wish you happy farming ev. foresting on a fertile land around three picturesque villages. If you want the map work properly, use all attached mods and put them into the folder „Mods“. CouFy.

Added 5 new fields and buildings


DOWNLOAD CzechMap_V3F_S17_Unpak.rar – 368.5 MB

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