Friends and friends again after a long time we bring you a new map that bears the name of the Czech valley or the Czech valley.
When I first creation was inspired mnohama sections of my native land, which I applied to the map, not only,
that it is the Czech countryside, there is a tinge different atmosphere altogether and it makes even a different game and will shortly introduce a map.
The sun landscape brobouzí to a new day and you begin another full day of work and toil, Yes, exactly like this
begin with introductory words on the map. At first I wanted to do úské roads, alleys, but also a field in which you turn the wheel, there is a very difficult terrain
for machinery, not machinery will play will play, but also to thank a friend received a very large BOOM which floats a map and primarily aircraft and cars that drive greater speed.
The map was supposed to be smaller than the previous map Czech maps would Couf V2, but with an excess of ideas, I took the plunge and made larger landscape.
The map is large biogas plant, but also that you are selling machines directly from DAŇHEL, which specializes in brand JOHN DEERE, and that’s not all!
You have over 30 boxes of various sizes from large to small tracts box. The site is located two villages and three buyouts.
And now the main farmhouse is separated from livestock production a few meters.
Map will be a larger size than the previous, but the size is not as ohrnömující, I was very focused on the terrain and textures, which reach a satisfactory resolution and that is just
a little bad for slower computers, which have groaned over the map Czech maps.
Czech valley will be released in two versions and with modem Gulle second version will include a Soil mod, which specializes in the field of pH, etc. their Profitability.


DOWNLOAD Czech_valley_by_Coufy_soil.rar – 430.0 MB

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2 Responses

  1. kiky says:

    map wont load its say loading….I wait 2-3minuts noting is hapning,help thanks sorry for english

  2. Bunta says:

    Great jobs thanks you verry much

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