What’s New v2.9
NEW: Add ability to transfer money between savegames.
NEW: Added mods loaded in game to log viewer.
NEW: Overhauled the search algorithms in log viewer. Now 10x + faster.
NEW: You can now view vehicles.xml, careerSavegame.xml and economy.xml in Available Savegames using configured editor.
NEW: Add Print Field Owned List to Savegame Stats.
NEW: Added ability to add just mods with Map Installer.

FIXED: Map ID display in Savegame Editor.

Scanned by virustotal.com. Report on web site. Runs on any version of Windows.

FS17 utilities all in one place! Play the game YOUR way.
– Equipment Catalog: Full featured catalog to store specs and images of vehicles and implements.
– Savegame Editor: Edit your savegames to play the game YOUR way.
– Mod Folder Manager: Makes it easy to organize and choose the mod folder you wish the game to load when it is started.
– In-game Mod Editor: Easily change the configuration of the in-game mods included with FS17.
– Train Editor: Easily change the configuration of the train cars in all the train systems available in a map.
– Misc. Mod Editor: Allows you to configure popular utility mods such as Courseplay.
– Map Installer: Copies any map along with mods to a folder anywhere. Use alongside Mod Folder Manager to create a custom button that tells the game which map and mods to load.
– Savegame Stats: Displays all stats for a chosen savegame.
– Mod Hub: Uses the built-in browser to access Farming Simulator’s Mod Hub.
– Available Savegames: View/delete/backup savegames as well as see which are available.
– Fact Sheets: A collection of equipment factsheets all in one place.
– Log Viewer: Search your game log file for specific errors. Makes it easy to fix mod conflicts, map errors etc.

HighDesert Software Co.

DOWNLOAD fs17dashboardsetup.zip – 36.0 MB

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