Welcome to Dayhouse Farm 15. This map has been inspired by a real farm in North Herefordshire. The map is quite tight and requires a player rather than hired workers.

You begin your career with four fields with an optional 20 purchasable, along with numerous grass fields spread out around the map.

There are two farms, The Dayhouse and Sodgeley. The first and main farm is the Dayhouse. This is where you’ll find your grainstore, machinery storage sheds, seed, fertiliser and fuel refill points. The Dayhouse is also home to your sheep and chickens should you pursue them.
Sodgeley Farm is to the north and is the dairy farm. Sodgeley’s also contains the BGA.

There are two forests in the map, both with woodchip storage near-by.
Four crop sell points and fuel/seed/fertiliser/water refil in several key locations.
To the south lies West Farm Machinery, a small, independent, New Holland Dealership. On the same site lives countrywide where you can buy from the garden centre and sell your wool. Eggs can be sold at your neighbours farm, Honeybee, near field 8. To the east is Stobart Biomass Energy where you can sell wood, any excess straw you may have and woodchips.

All hedges have collisions to prevent cutting across fields. All trees are cuttable. There are bordering fields all around the map to give a realistic feel. You cannot get to these fields as I have set collisions all round

NI Modding, Sandgroper, Chirs_7710, LeicestershireFarmer, Faitan, EuroDZN, FMC Modding, Petorious, BulletBill83, Webalizer & Buttybach1991


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    My map. Was not uploaded by me and would like it taken down. Do not download from here only fs-uk

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