Here is the new version of Deep Belgium modify by me and the help of the team Zinax and LSN. I hope you’ll like her.
Welcome on the map Belgium Deep, you are now in a map representing a small part of the fictional Belgian Ardennes, you own a farm in the small village of Michamps. This card contains between your other farm, you can also ETA has developed several outlets for your cereals, fruits of the earth, eggs, dairy products and other animals. The purchase of your future terrestrial system is available at the “Century21” point of sale and your horses can be sold for slaughter.
A PDF explaining the operation of the card is in the general case, as well as some mods included in this card. You must make the decision between the main equipment for proper performance or most basic equipment for better maneuverability in the small streets and narrow fields of this area. What the team wanted to do above all, you reproduce a small part of the area that I like very much (the Belgian province of Luxembourg) with maximum details while remaining playable.
Immerse yourself in the world of agriculture Ardennes, we wish you much pleasure and pleasure with this version 3 of the map Belgium Deep.



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