Dondiego Map Reloaded V 4.0

dondiego-map-reloadet (1)


Standard fruit + rye, oats, sunflowers, spelled, millet, poppy and alfalfa (gründüger mod) Pigs and cattle fattening broiler Watermod GülleMistKalk Mod with lime silo on the farm food storage with conveyors WoolpaletteCollector Mixing Station Garden centers of manure / training purchase Straw purchase at the circus Slurry and manure storage display Overview AI traffic: cars and pedestrians … Required Mods: -ChoppedStraw Mod Mod -Gründünger -GülleMistKalk Mod -AnimationMapTrigger I wish you much fun

webalizer: chopped straw
Marhu: pigs, cattle, broiler, GülleMistKalk mod, mod Water
Xentro: AnimationMapTrigger


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