Doospel LS 2015 MAP V 1.0

doospel-ls15 (1)

doospel-ls15 (2)

doospel-ls15 (3)


1) WaterMod V3.1.5
2) WoolPaletteCollector
3) Extensive farm with plenty of room for everything
4) large BGA
5) Garden center to buy trees and sell manure (slurry manure sale v 3.0)
6) Pigs Husbandry
7) Beef Husbandry
8) Seedmaster
9) Port
10) Vehicle shop
11) Haven
12) Tuincentrum om te kopen bomen en te mest verkopen
13) Storage for your crops
14) Sawmill for loggs and Wood chip burner
15) Forestry activitys
16) and many more

Map by: Spin1

Gülle Mist Verkauf: ( zatoxx )
Strassen Baukasten v 1.0 ( atze1978 )
WaterMod v3.1.5: ( Marhu )
SeedMaster2k15_Mod_Pack:( Andy1978 )
Schweine Mast v 3.2.4b: ( Marhu )


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2 Responses

  1. иван says:

    где доска объявлений?

  2. Mike says:

    dear sir, i was hoping someone could explain o me how the watering of the greenhouses work on the Doospel map. I love the map and have been playing it since it came out. But I have yet to figure out how the spring water works. I have all the downloads as far as I know that is needed. But I still can get water to the greenhouses. Any help is appreciated. Mike

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