The daytime running lights enlargement is a comprehensive mod, which is based on the stoplight extension of Ifkonator.
the vehicles a new function similarly to the brake light extension is added. As it concerns here not the stoplights, but the front and rear lights. Once the player, an assistant or a script such as FollowMe is at the wheel of a vehicle, the standard lighting (1x button F) is turned on to this. Here are only the Coronas without actual light source appears.
It works with standard vehicles and mods, Tractors as well as on trailers and attachments – assuming they have the XML entry or .
I wish you much fun with the script!

Thanks to Ifkonator which has allowed me to publish its modified scripts.
The script also works together with the brake light expansion.

Version 1.1
In der Version 1.1 wird die Standardbeleuchtung an Traktor/Anhänger/Anbaugerät nur noch angeschaltet, wenn der Motor läuft (ManualIgnition).

Script: Ifkonator, amhh Idee / Konzept: amhh Tester: amhh

DOWNLOAD zzz_drivingLightExtension.zip – 8 KB

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