Equipment for lining dump purchased in the store or in the workshop.

Version 1.2
Involved third axis (in the middle), and now natural obstacles passes.
He befriends her with the autopilot.
Prescribe permanent all-wheel drive.
Added line motorSoundLoad sound aiMotorSound.
Modification was in stereo. Convert to Mono.
Translated DT-75 on the script of the T-130. Now turning track which goes over a small radius of rotation slows down.

Track work correctly with the mod on the dirt.
The height of the rear linkage is adjusted with the mouse, maximum speed 13 km \ h.
Animation levers removed his due to the wage-worker, sprockets and rollers get dirty.
Working lights and dashboard, animated driver.

Model, Texture, Idea / Concept: nevan, Edit:Silak_68,werik

DOWNLOAD DT75M_otval_1_2_FS17Go_ru.zip – 14.2 MB

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