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DtP Map V 1.1.1

dtp-map-v1-1 (1)

dtp-map-v1-1 (2)

dtp-map-v1-1 (3)

dtp-map-v1-1 (4)


Version 1.1
Adapted cow pasture
Fertilizer warehouse was adapted
Symbols of the cow. Sheep pasture were adjusted (PDA)
Open Door Trigger was installed, all doors can now press the O key (not null) Open Thus, the “MapDoorTrigger” is redundant and can be removed from the Modsordner.
Basin was installed
Signs were placed
Various tools (broom, shovel, etc.) were installed
Silage clamp was adjusted (silo sacks, wheels)
New Abkipp-interface has been installed (hof)



One thought on “DtP Map V 1.1.1

  • Hey, I seem to have an issue when using the DtP v1.1.1 with my workings not Cultivating fields near the main farm after i have Harvested the Corn and Wheat. The DtP v1.1 works though. Great map and great design overall!!


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