As always desired and so far not fulfilled, I hereby publish the Dynamic Sky.
As you already know, the idea of ​​LuanLöwe’s Thoughts has sprung and Philipp1998 and my one have set about changing the shader.
With a modified shader and a custom Skybox (no, the model is NOT from Marc but the one I used from the beginning)
now a moving sky is enabled as it is partly already visible on some maps,
he acts so dynamic and it changes a little the game atmosphere for the better.
Install and adjust
The “sky” folder of the Dynamic Sky is inserted into the map, and in the already existing “map01_enviroment.xml” the path to dynamic_day_night.i3d must be adjusted.
As an example, I provide a map01_environment.xml in the RAR archive.
That was already the whole installation, more does not have to be done there.
If anything should be changed at the rotation speed, this is best done in the I3D of the sky,
There is also the shader parameter rotationSpeed ​​with which the rotation speed and the direction can be set.
Of course, a scripter can now sit down and write a script which makes the sky rotate faster and faster depending on the wind speed … this would be possible and feasible.
Oh yes, the sky is big enough for a 4x card.

Black Panther Group

DOWNLOAD FS17_dynamicSky.rar – 2.3 MB

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