Welcome to map Elenovka version 3.3_fix!

We have worked hard in order to play it was interesting, it is convenient, it is difficult to measure on our map.
All this contribute to the high price of the field, the breaking technique implemented Soil management, adjustable productivity and much more.
Now let’s talk about some aspects of the card.

Scrap machinery.
Thanks ZZZ_DamageAndRepairs fashion and built-in triggers the repair card, you can fully experience the realities of the driver.
On the map there are 3 repair point: Pier in the garage and the garage – appear after the purchase of the garage on the farm; and Gadget shop near the shop equipment.
On the overpass can be repaired with the breakdown of equipment and 30% in the garage – to 60%, Gadget also cope with the breakdown of any complexity.
In addition, buying a car service / PickUp_By_Kastor_Service / you can repair technique anywhere.
If you do not want to play with the mod breaking technology – simply remove ZZZ_DamageAndRepairs modes.

At stake is registered SoilMod – a script that controls plant growth. If you have it installed (in the modes have SoilManagement.zip file) –
He shut off the growth of plants in the game, and will manage the growth of their own. So do not panic and do not bomb forums vpros “Why can not I turn on the growth in the settings?”
For best results, you should yield to achieve optimal soil parameters at the time of harvest uyuorki.
A small tutorial on this subject can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRbFRFIYHCs
If you do not want to complicate their farms everyday – SoilManagement.zip remove the file from the folder mods.

Adjustable productivity.
After a series of disputes, discussions, polls, as well as trial and error, we seem to be able to untie the “Gordian knot”.
Now initially the yield at the default map, but it is, if desired, can be changed independently, in accordance with their needs and desires.
To do this, you need to make in Ertrag.lua hostname file that is located in the folder scripts in the root of the archive with the card.
If you do not know how and what to do – watch this video https://youtu.be/TnV4HHa9cZk

Below is a list of mandatory and recommended mods to work correctly Elenovka Card 3.3
Attention!!! Before we present the poster map any claims, see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhAfAXlC-Uc

AAA_64erFix – increase the number of crops to 128
AAA_UniversalProcessKit – processor for factories
AnimationMapTrigger – manual opening of gates and doors
Brantner_Compost_Trailer_v1 – trailer to transport the compost.
Fliegl_Animal_Transport_Pack – pack technology for the transport of animals
FuelSellPoint – a contract for the sale of fuel. Be Triger in a convenient location and sell it fuel from biofuel plants.
gaz53_pack – GAZ-53 and various bodies to him. Suitable for transportation of bread from the bakery in the store.
Koegel_Silotanker_Raiffeisen_v1 – trailer to transport flour and bran
Kotte_Universal_Pack – pack equipment for liquids
MapBuyableObject – fashion for the purchase of objects embedded in the card. Without it, you do not get to play with the purchase-obektram.
SoilManagement – a script that controls plant growth (SoilMod). If you do not want to play with soilmodom simply delete the file from the mods folder SoilManagement.zip
ZZZ_ChoppedStraw – script adds chopped straw on the field
ZZZ_compostSoil – script for the correct operation of the composter
ZZZ_courseplay – all known kurspley with small changes in compensation of employees. Now they want 500 euros per hour, instead of 1500, as it was before.
ZZZ_DamageAndRepairs – breaking fashion technology. To play without breaking just delete this mod.
ZZZ_multiFruit – Pack scripts extends the capabilities of the standard equipment and allows it to operate with additional cultures.

Виктор Мищенко и Роман Топольницкий.

DOWNLOAD map.part1.rar – 250.0 MB

DOWNLOAD map.part2.rar – 250.0 MB

DOWNLOAD map.part3.rar – 152.3 MB

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