The popular Emerald Coast USA for 2015, a joint project with my son, is back, better than ever, with new and interesting features.

Welcome to Emerald Coast USA,

Deep in the southeastern United States lies the Emerald Coast. Just a few miles
north, however, there is rich farmland. Now you can journey to this area and
enjoy the farming experience for yourself. You begin with adequate equipment,
but to work well you must become profitable and expand.

In this region forestry is just as big a business as arable farming. Therefore,
a large managed forest dominates the northwestern hills of this map. Arable
farmland can be found in between the forest and the town, which is located in
the southern part of the map. All standard animals are available, with a sell
point in town.

All of your farming supplies, such as fertilizer and seeds, must be bought in
town. (no seed or fertilizer triggers at the farms) Fuel storage is available
on the farms, with a small amount to get you started, for more, use the bowser
to refill from town. For those that prefer to fertilize using anhydrous ammonia
there is a dedicated sell point by the main highway.

There is plenty of work here, so enjoy farming in the Emerald Coast USA!

Map Makers ccs101 – FS 2017 Conversion & Improvements ccs101/DarkHorse64 – Original FS 2015 concept & design

DOWNLOAD EmeraldCoastUSA2017_Seasons.zip – 1.3 GB

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