Euro-Agrar Map V 0.98.4


Cow & sheep pen directly on the farm (Wassermod installed)
On the sheepfold Woolpalletecollector was installed
Bearing on the farm conveyors me
Yard is fully fenced
Mixing station installed at the court of Marhu
Water pump (original TMT) with 25.000l capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
Instead of the old “Kuhhofes” there is the Forsthof
large hall (of boertje96) with workshop incl. LiftMaster (of vanillaice83) and a second small hall.
Schweinemasthof with interim storage for feed and ball bearings
Outlets for pigs (Metzger & Slaughterhouse)
Dealer was umgbaut (DtPMap)
Gas station next to the dealer
DtP-country trade against heat and power plant
Installed Abladehilfe the sawmill



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