Euro Agricultural Map V 0.98.7

euro-agrar-map--2 (1)

euro-agrar-map--2 (2)


At night luminous signs at the camps edge on the path right in front of the vehicles hall at the Forsthof chips camp was to Forsthof laid crap sale at the old Garden Center dunghill at Schweinemasthof was implemented and a new model replaces shelves for vehicles on Schweinemasthof were created on the covered area behind the house “dandelion” became performance purposes deactivated (the small flying particles) slaughterhouse: site fenced with gate and opening times 08: 00-18: 00, Abladetrigger for delivery of pigs in the corresponding delivery bay offset Edekamarkt with eggs and wool selling water storage on the Schweinemasthof installed (NOTE: “unloading” of the water current automatically without pressing a button)



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