Euro Agricultural Map V 0.99.6 Release

euro-agrar-map--3 (1)

euro-agrar-map--3 (2)


0.99.6 release
There is no “StopMilkSale” – and “MilkTruckTrigger” mod requires. Milk is no longer sold automatically. Trigger for loading of milk and sale are permanently installed. Traffic lights (it must lie in the modfolder – traffic lights do not work in MP) LiftMaster was reinstalled (workshop on Forsthof) light in the halls at the Forsthof automatically turns on / off “Behind the VIS gas station was a place prepared to . the large placeable wash “Big Wash” (placeable carwash) to place have been added: manure storage with digital Füllstndsanzeige furniture factory (point of sale Wood & wool pallets, wood chips) small car wash at the gas station at the BGA sawmill Marhu fitted with separate chips warehouse and timber yard and Palette Collector fillable Hoftankstelle at court (20.000l) and the Forsthof (100.000l) expanded market (point of sale for liquid manure, dung, wood and wool pallets and purchase of seed and Fertilizer) milk factory under construction (milk delivery still possible New Sheepfold new WoolPaletteCollector terrain Forsthof )



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