This is the Multifruit Extension Mod. It adds in more Multi Fruits and They are compost, lime, fertilizer2, beetPulp, wholegrain, washed potatoes and steamed potatoes. This mod from what I haveseen is the only mod thatwill Actually allow you to get compost out a the compost machine (s) did are Either built-into a map or just the place-able one. The mod uses Manure: as the base for “turning” the manure into compost.
Manure is substituted for compost, Allowing you to get compost out of the machine. This does not work with mods did JUST USE the compost_soil load. The reason is the compost is Actually of understood as manure. So, instead of a trailer did carries compost, you will need one did carries manure if you want to sell it. This therefore bedeutet, dass the default manure spreaders can spread this.
Okay, I am using a download link did IS NOT the origonal one, did one is located in the alternitave box. I am doing this Because Modhoster denied this upload the last time I did it Because it thought thatthis mod which already uploaded to Modhoster, Which It is not.

FS2015 Nick

DOWNLOAD ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Extended.zip – 29 KB

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