The Famulus RS14 / 36W is a tractor from the former GDR, which was built in the tractor factory Nordhausen 1956-1967.

Since it is in this version (V2_g) is used tractors, they can be used in the game along with the V2. Therefore this should not be considered as an update but as an additional version, because that one has several different tractors to choose from.

Color red / yellow.
-A Choice of color will not happen because this tractor was also not produced in all colors, or me that is not known.
Texture maps aged.
-All PNG files have been replaced, so that the log now contains no more warnings.
-The Drawbar is now degraded by default. But if you want, they can grow.
-Dieselverbrauch Increased.

Sven777b for controlI3DAnim v1.21, bel3.1 / Model Eicher for ZugmaulVisibilityV2, newExhaustEffects and ZylinderV2 / unknown for flywheel.lua

DOWNLOAD Famulus_V2_g.zip – 16.6 MB

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