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Farming Simulator 2015 – Launch Trailer

Farming Simulator 2015 – Launch Trailer

1. Harvesters have cutting animations.
2. Vehicles and implements are all washable.
3. Vehicles leave dust trails and tracks in the dirt.
4. Monitors inside the cab display real time information.
5. Working mirrors.
6. Workers can be hired for fertilizing / Spraying.
7. A folding corn header (Capello) has been included for the CASE harvesters.
8. A pick up truck is included in the vehicles.
9. A low-boy trailer is included in the game.
10. Cultivators and plows have their own ‘working’ animations with moving parts and ground animations for moving dirt.
11. Square bales do not slide as if on ice when they are dropped from the baler.
12. Bales can be picked up with the bale spike without the entire stack exploding and scattering everywhere.
13. Moving trains, for selling off logs.
14. Vehicles slow down when going up an incline.


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