Fixed error when buying and selling animals with the langauges Chinese and Russian (1.2.1)
Fixed mirror font on the left side of the locomotive (1.2.1)
Fixed update of money when playing on dedicated servers (1.2.1)
Fixed buy state of chainsaw when joining a dedicated server (1.2.1)
Fixed “pause if empty” on dedicated servers (1.2.1)
Controls screen fixes: inverted axis assignment, mapping Y-axis of joysticks, deleting axis mappings, assigning gamepad trigger axes, assigning axes when a wheel has a cluch (e.g. Logitech G29) (1.2.1)
Fixed Valtra T indoor color (1.2.1)
Fixed visual artefacts of the lighting on older GPUs (1.2.1)
Fixed starting a dedicated server if the Windows username is disallowed by the profanity filter (e.g. Administrator) (1.2.1)
Fixed dedicated server web interface showing game admin password and restart button to non-admin users (1.2.1)
Improved detection of potential issues with mods on dedicated server (1.2.1)
Added missing fonts for dedicated servers (1.2.1)

GIANTS Software

DOWNLOAD FarmingSimulator2017Patch1.2.1.rar – 968.7 MB


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  1. ilker says:

    i don’t work it : “FARMING SIMULATOR 2017 UPDATE 1.2.1”

    how was do it?

  2. marcos says:

    ola como faço pra atualizar

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