The following has been revised:

Color choice added (1xused and 2x restored)
Rims color choice
Very many wheel and tire combinations
Interior revised including lighting
Front fender selectable
4 different exhaust variants
Cyclone filter Normal and High
With and without flashing lights
Buyable Stemplinger front hydraulics
Buyable front weight
Motorconfig: Case International 1255/1455 and CaseIH 1255/1455
Added BlackBeast variant
New sound
New rims
Rear window, door, roof hatch via mouse control to open
Stoll FL console
AloeFL console
Hauer FL console
Overworked decals
New exhaust flap
New hydraulic connections installed on the FH
New VA exhaust
—-> a lot of small details <---- Price: 52390 € plus painting, conversion and transport costs Optional matching mods: -The matching Hauer front loader can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/LsWel...q57S37HYdymoxMODfKjVqlCrh Original link from "The Virtual LS World": https://workupload.com/file/JduV2M9y The matching Aloe-FL is here: https: //www.farming-simulator....d_id=129390&title=fs2019 This multifunctional work was created by a totally confused heap without religious background in ibuprofen intoxication and is purely fictional. ... similarities to still living, real tractors are purely coincidental ... !!! We urge you to note this !!! !!! This project is continuing and other versions are already working !!! Credits:
Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Projektumsetzung: FBM-Dani-86,FBM-Lukas2002,FBM-Puma, Butters / BTS weitere Mitwirkende: FBM-Bremi456,FBM-Hunter4987,Paddel[Create_a_Dead] Addconfig script: Ifkonator Fronthydraulik Ls17: Oylerhenry Hauer-Frontlader Konsole: Die Virtuelle LS-Welt Original by Giants: CaseIH 1455

DOWNLOAD FBM19_CaseIH_1255_1455.zip – 29.3 MB

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