Here is the second of 4 mods we publish on the third day of the “Fashion Weekend” (30.000 users).

What can the mod now actually?
What is it all installed and from whom is it all?! …..

– Model of Giants from the Ls11 classic of agriculture DLC
– Restoration August 2018
– New paint job
– New decals
– Engine Revised (New Glow Plugs, New Starter etc.)
– Power: 75-85 hp
– New exhaust system built by Oldenfarm
– Animated Indoor Script (Ifko)
– Complete interior Animated including throttle and gearshift
– Gearbox and Oilchange mod Ready
– swing axle
– 4WD Animated
– Gearbox unit mounted for cardan shaft connection
– Zapfwellenstutzen animated
– Ackerschiene, PTO stub, new Zugmaul (Schlüterfan1977)
– roll bar and hood (Puma FBM)
– Hood without function (Streubheubar)
– Cover completely over IC controllable ….. (Puma-Fbm)
– Air brake system
– Dynamic pants (2x compressed air 3xHydraulik 1xElektro)
– Buyable Stemplinger front linkage (Oylerhenry)
– Motor configuration with Decalchange
(It is possible to install the 85 hp engine of the D 9005)
– tire configuration (too many to list) J
– Optional with roll bar or hood
– 32km / h fast
– Animated and illuminated speedometer instruments
– New sound
– Buyable clinker front loader
– FL tools are involved …. (Shovel, pitchfork, Baas pitchfork)

The mod is not perfect …. but on small quirks, the classic car lovers have to see it out there … as in real life

************************************************** *************************
To get into the full enjoyment of all features please use Gearbox and Oilchange Mod (BlackPantherGroup)!

https: //www.farming-simulator….mod_id=65562&title=fs2017
http: //forum.blackpanthergroup…58c47eda1f6d5f3c89#p12706

************************************************** *************************
The conversion was carried out by Dani86 and Oldenfarm
# # FbmOldtimertechnik FbmYoungtimertechnik # 30000bistdudeppert

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Modder: Dani86 / Oldenfarm / FBM Youngtimer-Technikteam

DOWNLOAD FBM17_Deutz_8005A_KL.zip – 40.0 MB

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