Here’s the Deutz Series 7 TTV from the standard game in a slightly spiked version.
And what does the good part do now? Well let’s see:

A total of 25 different tires were installed
Trelleborg (Standard / + Weights / Wide Tires / + Weights / Twin Tires Rear / Twin Tires Complete / Nursing Tires / Twin Care Tires Rear / Twin Care Tires Complete)
Michelin (standard / + weights / wide tires / + weights / twin tires rear / twin tires complete / nursing tires / twin care tires rear / twin care tires complete)
Mitas (Standard / + Weights / Wide Tires / + Weights / Twin Tires Rear / Twin Tires Complete)
Nokian (road tires (municipal))

Color choice for body and rims
4 different rim colors (metal / black / orange (communal) / chrome)
10 different Deutz colors (4x different greens / blue / red / yellow / orange / communal (orange) / warrior (black))

Other conversions / configurations:
Front loader ports of Bremi456 attached
Hauer front loader console and front loader attached (The virtual LS world)
Configurable warning panels installed (can be opened and closed by mouse control)
License plate installed (front / rear)
Sound adjustments / changes (volumes, etc.)
Exhaust Particles adapted (a little more smoke must be;))
Engine configuration for the Warrior now works in all colors

If you are looking for a suitable front loader for the installed connections, you should take it here (but this is a bit unrealistic, but it fits)

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Umbau / Idee: [FBM-Team] FlowRider86 / [FBM] Dani-86 / [FBM] Hunter4987 / [FBM] JensJupp
Texturen: [FBM] Hunter4987
Sound: [FBM] PeterAH
Frontlader-Konsole (Hauer): Die Virtuelle LS-Welt
Tester: FBM-Team

DOWNLOAD FBM19_DeutzSerie7TTV.zip – 13.7 MB

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