– DynamicHose
– LS17 standard functions
– 1 pack was made out of 2 followers
– He got 1 set of new tires
– Disassembly in Maya / assembly in MergeGroup construction
– The HKD now has 3 shakers and a compressed air tank
– The TDk is standard
– New corona were installed
– He now has over design and Vehicledesign Confic 2 different constructions
– 1x as they are standard only in wood look (say only the wood is painted, Chassie will always be red)
– 1x the entire body is painted (ie the whole body is painted, Chassie will always stay black here)

A big thank you goes to:
Ahran who helped me to finish.
Guellemax for the Store Pics
Bremi456 for help in setting the configurations
Marc B. for the beautiful pictures
Exit LP for creating the Prewiew video

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Modder: Oppa1991 (FBM Team)

DOWNLOAD http://uploaded.net/file/onyz71rh

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