Welcome to “My home”

My home is a small town in beautiful Schleswig-Holstein.

Here I grew up and so I wanted to build my home just once.
It is not replicated 1 to 1, but the majority agrees.
At the Kuhhof I spent part of my life and learned a lot about agriculture.

But now to the map:

There are 49 fields from big to small on the map – of which you have 3 fields from the beginning.
These are Field 1, Field 9 and Field 19, the rest are purchasable and you can also perform missions on them.
There are also 11 small and large meadows – of which you have 3 meadows – the 54, the 58 and 60 of the rest is again purchasable.
Oats, rye, spelled, millet and mixed cereals are still added to the standard fruits.

The map is suitable for Season-Mod!

Also installed are:

– Main courtyard
– pig farm
– sheep farm
– Horse farm
– Sawmill
– Compostmaster
– slurry storage
– Cattle dealer
– Agricultural machinery dealer
– Diesel refinery
– BioGas plant
– Garden center
– Raiffeisen (seed / fertilizer purchase)
– Lime works
– Dairy (production: butter, yogurt, cheese or just milk selling)
– butcher (making: meat / sausage)
– EDEKA (sale meat, sausage, butter, cheese, yogurt)
– Cartonboard
– Pallet plant
– 3 greenhouses
– and much more…..

You got curious?
Then I wish you much fun exploring the map!

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Mapper: Jogi (FBM)

DOWNLOAD http://uploaded.net/file/epq4k1dt

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