New Holland CR1090 DAT More Realistic

New Holland Header 980CF6 DAT
New Holland Header 980CF12 DAT
New Holland SuperFlex 45FT DAT
Honey Bee SP30 DAT

Complete pack has its own schemes and additionally as a decent Agrar Tunning Edition umgeskinnt (nothing special)
The SuperFlex & the Honey Bee were chosen deliberately because they are Built In Cutter. (easy to remove / grow)
The CR1090 has IC for left door, steering console, windscreen wiper, radio on / off, radio channel change, engine start incl. Key movement
Real Lights Completely reworked, SpeedJoystick (much more sensitive), revised indoorSound & adapted to the CR1090.
Cabsuspension connected to the MoveCamIntern (for indoor riders) in conjunction with the conversion to More Realistic very close to reality.
From the outside to see betterSteeringAnimation (steering with one arm)
Both monitors start at the start
Indicators for Blincker
Smoke Particles revised (dunckler when working and when he is working)
Engine sound reworked (sounds like CR1090 now)
Amaturen Illuminated

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Modder: Der Tester (FBM) Bilder: Marc B. (FBM)

DOWNLOAD FBM_newHollandCR1090Pack.zip – 54.7 MB

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