Here for you my Ploeger Pack including Mustermap with appropriate fruits to download.

I would like to thank first of all at bandit who has adapted to me the map and the scripts for the fruits.
Furthermore, I would like to thank runALP who has helped me in the implementation and design of the vehicles.

On the enclosed map you can now grow to the standard fruits and beans, peas and spinach.
The new fruit can be harvested by each harvester Ploeger.
With this, there is a matching trailer with which you can bring the fruits either to the interim storage or directly for sale.
What must not be missing is a drill with which you can sow the fruits, also this is included in PloegerDesign.

Included in the pack are:
Can be a Mustermap (Standard Björnholm) on the cultivated fruit, harvested, stored and sold –
– The corresponding Multifruit scripts.
– 2000 harvest of Ploeger BP to beans
– 530 to harvest the Ploeger EPD to peas
– To reap the Ploeger MK 2000 L to spinach
– A trailer of the Giants can load the fruit and was umgeskinnt me
– A Drille of Giants which can sow the fruits and was vice spins me

Simply unzip the file and the ZipDatein contained in the mods folder.
Then you can even get started.

Who has ideas and suggestions should not hesitate to contact me.
(User “Rabby” in the forum to find “Forbidden Mods”)

The fruits may be installed on any map with to also make use of the new Maschienen can.
An official release of the fruits and place the needed files exists by Bandit, but thanks again.

Have fun with the PloegerPack and map.

Giants Rabby Bandit

DOWNLOAD PloegerMap.zip – 249.1 MB

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